What to do on block w. Baiken?

I’ve been thinking about offensive options when the opponent has blocked the 1st mixup situation. You know, when you have crouch IB:d my meaty tatami, and then blocked the subsequent 2K5S. What are my options, really?

5S, 2S and fS are lvl 2 moves. This equates to 13 frames (f) of blockstun on normal block, 10 on IB. 5S and fS are jump cancellable.

  • Tatami (startup 15f) / Suzuran-rokkonsogi (fastest startup 15f) = 2 or 5f gap.
    -4f or -7f on block / -2 or -6 on block.
  • 2H (startup 17f) = 4 or 7f gap.
    special cancel on block.
  • Suzuran-sakura (fastest startup 18f) = 5 or 8f gap.
    -8f or -12f on block.
  • Kabari (startup 21f) = 8 or 11f gap.
    +2 or -2 on block, w. kabari follow-up options available (lol)*

What about a blocked 5H and 2H then? Both are lvl 4 moves. This equates to 18f of blockstun, 14 on IB. Specials can be delayed cancelled.

  • Tatami and suzuran-rokkon = 1f gap if 2H was IB:d. Special cancel can be delayed. Suzuran-rokkon can be delayed.
  • Suzuran-sakura = 0f gap on NB if (fastest possible sakura), 4f gap if 2H was IB:d.
  • Kabari =¬† 3 or 7f gap.

While spacing changes the effectiveness of these options, the frames don’t lie. This is why utilizing IB together with fast low normals with low level (to delimit azami as an option) is very strong against Baiken’s pressure. I think that close range pressure will eventually boil down to cancelling options into tatami. If you are farther away suzuran-sakura from 2H is also an option. First set of caveats being that sakura only gives you combos on counter-hit, and tatami only gives you combos without counterhits if you are within a certain range. Second set of caveats being that the opponent has little to no reason to be pressing buttons if you are far away: rather they should be buffering IB and be ready to either press buttons or throw suzuran (which is 28 frames total).

In my opinion, all other options rely on your opponent being scared or not knowing enough about Baiken.

*The (lol) about kabari follow-up refers to rokkonsogi being the only one that can beat abare on normal block (which only gives you a combo if you use 50% meter). On IB, there is a 5f gap between kabari and kabari-rokkonsogi (6f normals trade). On block kabari-rokkonsogi is -7 or -11 on block.

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