Week 46: Rough start but happy ending

Tough weekend straight into an intense week at work. Definitely affected my mentality early on, as coming in with high levels of fatigue decreases one’s focus. But overall it was a good week of GG!

Played versus Svampen(jc) and Gerran(ve) on PSN on Tuesday (GGs!). Played too much, while being too tired, honestly. The session resulted in me writing a blog post about what Baiken can to on block as I was forced to re-think my approach a bit. Obviously a lot of matchup specifics as well. Overall one of those sessions where I was too tired to actually play versus.

On Wednesday I played two FT10 sets against SnailBorn(ky). Ky is definitely the matchup I have played the most. Won both sets convincingly, but the score would have look differently w. a better defense and anti-air game from SnailBorn. He also needed to be more disciplined w. how handled azami in controlled situations over both sets. We also had a shorter training mode session the day after.

On Saturday there was a local GG ranking battle here in Malmö. However, amongst the GG-crowd, there was a consensus: more time for casuals rather than a tournament. So, there was no tournament, but lots of casuals!

Played against SmashSK(el), James Lame(di), Adrian(rv), MegaSuperHeavy(fa) and Mikkel(so). I felt that my game was pretty good, especially after a week of thinking so much about GG. I could focus on adapting to my opponents, and execution-wise I also was solid. By the end I was hella tired though. Found some points I need to work on too. Offline is the best way to play GG.

Because of various reasons, I could also prioritize GG this week. And I learned a lot! Indeed, a good GG week.

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