Week 47: Steady progress

Managed to get some GG this week. I have also updated half my GG-fundamentals text. I will eventually publish the new version on this blog.

Although part of week 46, on Sunday, I played against Martin(ky) on PSN. We both agreed that the content was better than the set that I uploaded on youtube.

On Tueday I played Hannes(ba) and Gorilla(ja). Hannes is steadily improving his game, but still needs to grasp how he is to adapt to opponents. Especially if they know how to use Baiken’s weaknesses against her. Gorilla and I played a FT10. While Gorilla(ja) is also improving his game, he didn’t really have any good responses against Baiken’s 2S, and overcommited to far too many air-based approaches.

On Thursday I played against Bobbis(el), Matte(in) and Shari(rv/le). I felt that my Elphelt training mode session has payed off against Bobbis. As for Matte, it was the first time I played against an I-No in Xrd. Found out a couple of items that I have to research. Shari and I have a weird connection problem but the games were fun and served as a good testing ground for both matchups. I especially felt that some of my newer strategies against Leo payed off.

As for Destination Gear that will be occuring in Sk√∂vde next weekend (1-3/12), I unfortunately will not be able to attend. I have to focus on work, and I don’t see that I can commit to a full weekend of gaming. ALTHOUGH I REALLY WANT TO!

Oh, and I also updated the graphics for the blog. Much thanks to good fishing luck! (I managed to get my own Baiken colour in figure mode.)

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