May matchup (basics)

Time for another basic matchup knowledge write-up. This time, it’s May. Feel free to comment or tweet me with feedback as I plan to write more of these moving forward. (I don’t want the basics write-ups to be too lengthy.)

May has strong pre-emptive attacks.  Part of her move set can also be used as reactive attacks. However, her pre-emptive attacks are what he has that is really strong.

Grounded neutral
– For May, advancing comes with more risk than defending. Since her pre-emptive attacks are so strong, she excels at being passive.
– Her 5K is really strong due to it’s lower body invulnerability. It can even contest Ky’s 2S! Baiken can contest it with 6P and f.S, but these are more so used as advancing attacks that lose out against 5HS (this is especially true for 6P).
– If ever using an advancing attack, Baiken’s fS seems to be the most relevant, since it doesn’t lose as hard against 5K/5HS.
– Reactively punishing May’s pre-emptive attacks is difficult. However, you can take advantage of the frames that you gain from having them whiff. Utilize these frames to gain an advantage: either in terms of positioning or forcing May to block!

Horizontal Dolphin is scary!
– Horizontal dolphin is for the most part not punishable on block, even on IB. Only if your character has a quick and far-reaching move, then you can punish it on IB. Baiken can only punish it on point-blank air IB into 5K 2D Kuchinashi. Hence, for Baiken, you basically only an advantageous frame-situation on IB.
– The hitbox of horizontal dolpin is actually quite weak. It loses against pre-emptive attacks, and is difficult to defeat with reactive attacks. Baiken 6P/fS/5K can defeat it if used pre-emptively. Baiken can also just barely do azami into kuchinashi on reaction at certain ranges.

May’s air-based approaches are really strong!
How to deal with jS?
– Difficult to AA on reaction. You often have to use more pre-emptive approaches. Baiken can defeat it with a pre-emptive 6P, and just barely do a more reactive azami into kuchinashi.

How to deal with j2HS?
– For Baiken, dealing w. j2HS requires a similar approach as applied agaisnt jS, but w. one addition. For crossup j2HS – for example IAD j2HS – you can crouch for a moment, and then do 6P (into 5H).

May summons control the screen!
– May wants to utilize her summons. By having her opponents respect her pre-emptive attacks, she can create breathing room for summoning.
– In terms of frame advantage, summoning from block basically always puts May disadvantageous situation.
– The ball summon has two versions, P tends to be used more defensively, and K tends to be used more offensively.
– Dolphin summons can be released while May is blocking!
– If May has both a dolphin and a ball on the field, she effectively controls most of the screen. If May has established summons on the field, it is best to proceed with caution, and wait it out. Consequently, if you let May summon too often, you are losing!

The mind game on block: summon or horizontal dolphin?
– If you read a summon, you abare. If you read a horizontal dolphin, you block. However, summon from block is often accompanied by a YRC. In that case, just be happy that the May player spent meter and ruined their meter gain…

May’s weaknesses?
– Weak at forcing herself into an offensive situation.
– No really strong AA options. That said, she is very mobile, and can use air throw for AA purposes, as well as 5HS/2HS/6P, and pre-emptive air attacks (like jS).
– May is a well-rounded character!!!

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