Week 48: Priorities and practise

This week I had to work a lot so not that much GG action. Nevertheless, I thought I’d keep up the momentum and write down some thoughts!

On Tuesday I played against Svampen(jc) and Gerran(ve). Tired this time as well, but not as bad as last time. Importantly, I could see the content for what it was, and I was OK with the various dropped execution that occurred.

On Wednesday I played against Gerran(ve) again. This time it went better. I also found out some more specific situations in the matchup where I needed to find good responses to Venom’s options.  Sometime later during the week I hit training mode and analyzed those situations, and decided on what may be good responses.

I also drafted a post about matchup basics against May, and made the two first parts of my new and updated GG fundamentals page public on this website.


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