Week 49: GG as stress relief

Always tons of stuff to do in November and December! True for everyone I guess. That said, still got some GG, mainly in the form of stress relief.

On Monday I tried to find burst proof combos from corner throw w. knockdown for characters that I didn’t have it against. New: AX, BE, CH, JO, LE, RV, SI, SL. Also found recipes on some DI, EL, IN, VE, but those required 50% meter. On Tuesday I played net play against Martin(ky), Baszoo(ch/in) and Gerran(ve). On Saturday I could not go to the local because of work… but late late in the evening I played a bunch of games against Martin again. I concluded the GG week on Sunday by optimizing midscreen/corner combo recipies from: (1) grounded tatami counter-hit, (2) kabari-rokkonsogi, and (3) jD overhead confirm into RC. On all characters. Or well, I made it through 60% of the cast at least :)

Playing versus this week made me think about buppa IAD. I think that the decision-making around buppa IAD is quite difficult with Xrd Baiken. For example, at some ranges, IAD jSP doesn’t connect even w. delay jP, and at others IAD jS(ch)jH doesn’t give you a combo after jH. And of course, IAD jS(ch)Tatami only combos on air hit; although I’m utilizing this fairly well by now, I of course miss it comboing on grounded characters… The solution is a combination of research in training mode and grinding versus mode!

This week GG was mainly stress relief. More thoughts on competitive play next week perhaps?


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