My Baiken combo videos!

I released a new Baiken combo video. So here’s a list of all my Baiken combo videos, and some comments about them!

1: Fusk (2007)

Guilty Gear XX Slash

My first combo video was a collaborative effort with Caer(te) and Nehle(di). Caer and I recorded a bunch of Testament and Baiken combos at Caer’s place, while Nehle took on the task of editing the video. I can still appreciate the Testament-vs-Baiken segments. A very precious memory.

2: Legend of Kyoto (2010)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

The first combo video I made completely by myself. I also gave space to express my gratitude to the GG-communities and some specific members. Especially the Swedish and the Japanese scenes (as I lived in Kyoto 2007-2008) whom I had deeper relationships with, but also the Russian and the French. I can still laugh over the tag that somebody gave it on niconico douga: “a combo video that will make you cry”.

3: Shinjin is Champion (2014)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R

The version of Baiken that has had the largest amount of possible combo routes. This video had more fun combos rather than practical setups and scenarios.

4: Shinjin Baiken (2018)

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2

If anything, I wanted to make an effort with this video to convey that the entire character setting for Baiken is cool; especially conveying this to newer players that hadn’t played the XX-series. In addition, I wanted it to have a mix of realistic scenarios with optimized combos, and visually pleasing combos.

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