Thoughts on Baiken’s changes (location test for 2.10)

Just very quickly: these are my thoughts on the patch notes from the location test! Won’t put too much time into it as these are subject to change.



Better defense rating: nice! 205 damage combo down to 183 damage. About the same defense rating as May? Together with her high guts… :)


5HS having a larger vertical hitbox… three things: (1) it may be a useful option to gattle into from anti-air 6P now, (2) it will make certain convertions easier (against for example Johnny), and (3) buffering 5HS into suzuran in neutral might be a good poking tool (since rokkonsogi reaches farther now).


6P having a larger inward hitbox: cool :)


2D having less prorate: nice. You still have to commit into an instant tatami from 2D to get a combo though: which leaves you open for guaranteed punishes for your opponent. At least there is no dead on time frc in this game 😉

  • Proration from 2D now about 80%, up from 70%.

(Location test version 2D starter, Location test version 6P starter, Console version 2D starter)


The horizontal attack of jS coming out quicker… two things: (1) makes comboing from 2D/5H tatami possible at farther distances, and (2) is a slight improvement to iad jS. :)

  • The far reaching part of jS now hits on frame 7.

(Location test version, Console version)


Cancelling press and hold azami into block is easier. Apparently you just have to release the buttons during hitstop to block afterwards. So it will probably be like cancelling azami into block (kuma-azami) is right now…? Which might mean that you can move freely after the hitstop of the attack you absorbed with azami (11-15F) plus blocking for 1F… Research in process…


You can press and hold azami from block for more active frames: this will obviously make it easier to do azami from block which can change her/the game entirely. Question is: how many frames? And will counter hit state be enough to quench the anger of those that play against her? 😉

  • Kei’s research says: 1-7 frames, maybe 1-6 frames (up from 1-3 frames)


More frames for air azami follow up inputs (when not doing press and hold-azami): this is nice. Not sure about how the recovery frames will affect the utility of air azami overall. I need to know more. :)

Landing recovery from succesful air azami changed:

  • Down to 5 or 6 frames, from 10 frames.


Rokkonsogi moving further and faster suggests that it combos from 5HS even on longer distances. It might actually give you a okizeme-situation after normal hit that doesn’t suck? Here’s to hoping. :)

  • Rokkonsogi now combos at farther distances. For example, you can combo 2H into Rokkonsogi from the following position: round start distance, one backdash, one 5K (which moves you a bit forward). This is not possible on console.
  • However, you still cannot combo into Rokkonsogi at father distances. For example, you cannot combo (deep) dash into 2P2P2P 2K 5S 5HS into Rokkonsogi.


Youzansen falls faster and has less landing recovery.

  • Having done a superjump youzansen, you land after 13 frames at the location test (in contrast to 16 frames on console).
  • Landing recovery reduced from 11 frames to 6 frames.


HS kabari still sucks on block, but might give you a combo on normal air hit now? Say if you tag a backdash or a jump…


S-Kabari: your first air hit will hopefully always combo into tetsuzansen now… I hope?


Himawari: still trash. :(


Tsurane: hopefully we will never get that RC bug on the third hit when the opponent remains grounded and has no hurtbox (so you cannot follow up your RC into a combo as you intended).


No news on hidden changes as of yet.

Thank @baiken_kei for the new information!

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