ArcRevo World Tour Finals – reflections on its organization (Sat)

The players and the venue

As always, hanging out with GG-players from around the world at an event was great. In my view, this comes naturally when larger events are organized for established fighting game communities.

That said, two criteria remain important: the venue and the amount of setups.

It was a good and spacious venue that also provided water/ice-tea and wifi.

As I didn’t really focus on playing casuals, so I can’t say anything about if it was easy to find setups… It didn’t seem like a big, or at least particular issue to the event.

The Tournament’s organization

It was great that all setups had headphones that you could set the volume on. I personally did not experience any major delays in the schedule, and that’s also good. However:

  • There were many different monitors among tournament setups, with some of the setups lagging a lot. This caused stress and irritation among players.
  • The people that ran the brackets were not informed about the rule set. This caused stress and irritation among the players.
  • A European-player that was standing by the people that ran his brackets got a match disqualified despite obviously being there.

In my view as a player and event-organizer myself, these are unacceptable at this day and age for an event at this scale.

The organization of the Daisuke signing

  • Truly horribly organized – a mix of extremely poor planning and mixed communication from staff to attendants.

The signing session was supposed to start 17:00. My friend and I came to stand in line starting 15:50 – pretty much no one there. Staff told us to leave because they did not want a line to start forming until the Kill la Kill-event had ended. We came back a bit shortly after 16 and a line has started to form – but this line was eventually broken up for the same reason. This instead resulted in a chaos queue outside of the hallway, where those of us that had been there super early were pushed back. Moreover, this eventually resulted in two dense blobs of people on the left and right side of the door to the hallway. Staff then pretty much said “ok, form a line over there in the hallway”. This resulted in people on the right side blob running, and people on the left side blob walking (where we by chance ended up). Staff eventually stopped the flow of people, and luckily Sockerpappa and I made the first cut-off. However, staff then counted heads and did a second cut-off, where we were 3 people away from being included. Staff “apologized” by saying that they will figure out a better system “next time”.

In my view as a fan that travelled far distances to get an opportunity for a signature, this was unacceptable for an event that also explicitly marketed this signing session.

The fact that the showcase match later in the evening involved influencers getting to bring several items for signings added to the injury.


I had to get it out of my system!

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